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5-week intensive course

In addition to our 5-week university credit programme, students at the École de langues (ELUL) may also choose a 5-week non-credit programme with an UEC attestation* (continuing education units). Both options are given in the following sessions:

  • Spring: May/June
  • Summer: July/August

Even though the class activities offered are identical, credited and non-credited courses do not lead to the same type of certification. Credited courses can be used to obtain university credits that appear in a student's file, which can be consulted on Capsule to verify results or to request an official Université Laval transcript from the Registrar's office. Non-credit courses can be used to obtain an official attestation from the University for successfully completed continuing education units (UEC). Also, it is important to note that fees vary accordingly and it is financially more advantageous for Canadian students to register in credited courses. Foreign students, on the other hand, have lower fees if they register in non-credited courses. For additional information, visit our web site and look under the section entitled Costs.

Once you have chosen the type of courses you are interested in, carefully read the section entitled Registration and be certain to fill out the appropriate form. In this section, you will find all the necessary information to register in one or the other of these two sessions, and to plan your summer stay in Québec (important dates, list of courses, accommodation, costs, admission requirements, registration, payment methods, and arrival information).

If you would like to form a group to come and participate in a 5-week session, please consult the menu Responsables-accompagnateurs de groupe FLE.

For any other information:

Pavillon Charles-De Koninck
2nd floor, room 2301
Tel. 418 656-2321



*An official attestation issued by Université Laval which mentions the competency level, the length of the programme, and the results obtained. Limited number of students per group.

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