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L’École de langues offre des cours intensifs, réguliers ou à distance, dans 11 langues

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Admission and registration

The registration process is different if you are currently a Université Laval student (registration) or a new applicant (admission).

You are a Université Laval student currently registered in one of our programmes?  If so, consult the section entitled ‘UL Student’ to register in the course or programme you’d like to choose.

You are 18 years of age or older, and you are not registered in one of Université Laval’s programmes? You are a former Université Laval student, or a student from another university? If so, consult the section entitled ‘Future Student’ to submit your admissions application.

Admissions and registration for intensive courses

To register for an intensive course, select the language of your choice in the menu on the left-hand side, then click on the tab Registration Procedures.

Admissions and registration for intensive ‘French as a Foreign Language’ (FLE) courses

15-week FLE programme
5-week FLE programme

How do I know if am registered in the course I chose?

Since the number of registrants in our language courses is limited, acceptance in a course is approved by ÉLUL. It is therefore important that you check your Capsule file to see if your registration request has been accepted.

Tuition fees

Financial Services bills students directly, and you can get further information concerning dates, payment methods, and fee calculations by clicking on the following link Droits de scolarité.

Language courses : regular and distance courses
Before registering your selection in Capsule, University Laval’s web-based information system, you must be certain to respect registration deadlines and to satisfy course prerequisites where necessary. For further details on the language and course you have selected, consult this section : Nos cours
Placement test
To register in certain language courses, it is necessary to first do a placement test. Please check the section entitled ‘Tests de classement’ to know if this requirement applies to your situation. Tests de classement
Have any questions?
Contact ÉLUL for courses offered on campus, for our distance courses, consult the web site for the Distance Education sector :  formation à distance.
Access to Capsule
Language microprogrammes and certificates
To register for a microprogramme or a certificate, you must first get  approval from your programme director.  Once your request has been authorized, you can register directly in Capsule.


Other candidates aged 18 years and over

Candidates enroll at Bureau des études libres

Bureau des études libres
Pavillon Charles-De Koninck
1030, av. des Sciences-Humaines, room 1411
Québec, QC G1V 0A6
Tel. : 418 656-3204 or 1 877-785-2825, ext. 3204

Should I register for a placement test?

To know the class schedule

Check the schedule at Cours du premier cycle de l'Université Laval
Check the schedule of the next session by selecting the desired language from the menu on the left.


• Register early because most of the ÉLUL courses have class quotas. First come, first served!
• Only students who have obtained a file number (student number) can be assured a place in a course;
• ÉLUL reserves the right to cancel a course or course section if enrollment is insufficient. In this case, students will be informed by e-mail at their Université Laval address, @ulaval.ca;
• ÉLUL does not accept auditors in its classes.

How do I know if I have a place in the course I have chosen?

Since the sections have a quota, access to courses is subject to the approval of ÉLUL. You must check in Capsule to verify if your request has been granted and, if so, to know which section.

Tuition fees

Billing for our courses is carried out by the university's financial services. Click on the following link to obtain all details related to dates, means of payment, and the calculation of tuition fees.