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L’École de langues offre des cours intensifs, réguliers ou à distance, dans 11 langues

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French as a Foreign Language

L'École de langues de l'Université Laval (ÉLUL) admits students aged 18 and over wishing to begin French studies, or to perfect their knowledge of the language.

Six good reasons to study French as a Foreign Language (FLE) at l'ÉLUL:

  1. Courses offered throughout the year leading to an undergraduate certificate or a microprogram (attestation of studies)
  2. Courses accompanied by a variety of socio-cultural activities, excursions, and workshops
  3. Learning within an environment of total linguistic and cultural immersion
  4. Experienced and specialized instructors
  5. On-campus employment opportunities
  6. An array of on-campus facilities and services 

Placement test

Prospective students applying for FLE courses will be given access to a free, online placement test.

Look into the bursaries offered to École de langues students!  

Pedagogical Advisor
Thérèse Guay
Pavillon Charles-De Koninck, 2317 C
418 656-2131 ext. 406714

Coordinator: Explore program and student services
Jean-François Faucher
Pavillon Charles-De Koninck, 2330
418 656-2131, poste 402703

Pedagogical Coordinator
Marc Lindsay-Gélineau
Pavillon Charles-De Koninck, 2302
418 656-2131 ext. 404301

Associated Advisor (certificates)
Angèle Grenier
Pavillon Charles-De Koninck, 6269
418 656-2131 ext. 404307