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Nos cours

L’École de langues offre des cours intensifs, réguliers ou à distance, dans 11 langues.

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Bursary Recipients

Explore ULaval: a 5-week intensive language-immersion course

SPRING 2019: Monday, May 13 to Friday, June 14

SUMMER 2019: Monday, July 8 to Friday, August 9

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What You Should Know (WYSK)

Did you know that Université Laval is the first French-language university in North America? Located in Quebec City, our campus provides a stimulating and inspirational setting for studies.

The campus is also very central: it is easily accessible by bus, and within walking distance to three of the city’s largest shopping centres where one can find grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, etc.

On campus, there are several student services and facilities: PEPS, the sports centre, which offers free access to pools, jogging tracks, sports courts (badminton, tennis, racquetball, volleyball, and squash) and a training room, convenient store, bank, etc.

Explore Programme at ULaval

Our programme includes credited courses Monday through Friday, and activities Monday through Saturday. Therefore, students must be present for the whole duration of the programme.

Bursary holders who accept to participate in Université Laval’s Explore programme must do the online placement test before coming. They must also attend all of their classes and activities, and they must speak French at all times.

Each participating Explore educational institution has a policy about using the target language. These CMEC-approved policies are provided in writing to students prior to the start of the course. Students who fail to comply with these rules may be asked to leave (source: CMEC website). Explore contract


In the Spring semester, bursary holders can choose to stay in one of our university residences, or in an off-campus, French-speaking home. In the Summer semester, bursary holders will stay in our University residences.

The on-campus university residences all have common kitchens, and are close to several services. Also available to you at no extra cost is a referral service for off-campus housing in a French-speaking environment. All of the proposed homes have been carefully selected in order to give you a comfortable residence adapted to your needs.

Socio-cultural Activities

“After class, continue your immersion with our passionate, professional and dynamic monitors. With over 100 activities per semester, there are as many occasions to improve your French!”

Get ready!