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Credit Programme

Credit Programme

Documents to complete and to send by email

All documents must be sent in a single email to fle@elul.ulaval.ca. Documents sent by regular mail or by fax are not accepted.
Some documents may require a signature. They can be signed electronically (digital PDF secured) or handwritten. If you choose the handwritten signature, you must print the document, sign it and scan it in PDF format.

  • Application for Admission Form
  • The Registration Form
  • A copy of your birth certificate in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese. If your birth certificate is written in another language, please include an official translation in French or in English.
  • For landed immigrants, permanent citizens, and Canadian candidates born outside of Canada: send a proof of citizenship or permanent residency (one of these documents) :
    • A legible copy of your birth certificate 
    • A legible copy of the form 1MM-1000, IMM-5292, IMM-5688 or IMM-5617(Record of Landing)
    • Your permanent residence card (copy of the back and front) or
    • Your Canadian citizenship card (copy of the back and front).

Payments required

Do not hesitate in contacting us to validate the fees that apply to your status and the methods of payment. You can call us at 418-656-2321 or email us at fle@elul.ulaval.ca.

  • Application fees: $84.00 CAD (non-refundable). You must pay the application fees if you are not already accepted in a programme at Laval U. or if you have not taken a course at Laval U. for the last three semesters or more.
  • Tuition fees, including compulsory extracurricular activities and other academic fees : 
    • Exchange students: $340.00 CAD ;
    • Canadian students, permanent and Canadian citizens, and foreign students already accepted in a programme at Laval U. in the spring or summer: $930.92 CAD ;
    • Foreign students not accepted in a programme at Laval U.: $3727.40 CAD
  • Health insurance for foreign students: $81.00 CAD. Students from a few countries do not have to purchase health insurance. Foreign students that already have purchased a health insurance for the whole academic year do not have to purchase it again.  For more details.

If paying by credit card: please use the Language School's Online Payment System.

If you prefer to pay by cheque please:

  • Write it out to Université Laval
  • In Canadian dollars and cashable in a North-American bank
  • Include your name and the detail of your payment
  • Send it by mail to :
    École de langues de l’Université Laval/FLE intensif
    Pavillon Charles-De Koninck, local 2301
    1030, av. des Sciences-Humaines
    Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6

For any other information, contact us at 418-656-2321 or via fle@elul.ulaval.ca