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Sociocultural Activities

The ''Service d'animation'' creates opportunities to practice French!

There are three types of activities: workshops, social & cultural activities and special activities (with registration fees $$)!


During the semester, each week, students must participate in a thematic workshop and in another one that they selected from a list posted online. In all, they must attend two workshops per week. Each workshop lasts between 1:30 hrs to 2 hrs.

Select your workshop

  • Spring: from March 1st to May 14 (6 PM) Select your workshop HERE

  • Summer: from May 20 to July 9 (6 PM) Select your workshop HERE

Optional Social & cultural activities

We offer more than 70 free activities and workshops each term. These optional activities are perfect opportunities to speak French, do sports and discover Quebec culture.

Students can sign up on the day of the activity in the ''local d'animation''.

More details will be provided upon your arrival.



Special activities

Prepayment or Deposit required outings.
  - Catalogue of activities - Spring 2018 (PDF)  
  - Catalogue of activities - Summer 2018 (PDF)

Payment options :

1. Online:

    - Spring: from April 1st 20 to May 14 (6 PM).
      Buy your tickets online by clicking HERE     
    - Summer: from May 20 to July 9 (6 PM).
      Buy your tickets online by clicking HERE

2. In person, at Université Laval, during the first week of classes.

***Places are limited. No refunds or exchanges.

 Are you older than 27?

There is a club for you: the Masters Club


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