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L’École de langues offre des cours intensifs, réguliers ou à distance, dans 11 langues

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Methods of Payment and Cancellation

Application fee

Once you have sent the application form, the payment of the non-refundable $84,00 application fee can be made online.

Tuition and special pedagogical fees

The tuition and special pedagogical fees for all courses taken will be billed to the student by the Service des finances.

Withdrawals and Cancellations (before beginning of session)

Notices of withdrawal and cancellation must be submitted in writing as soon as possible to the École de Langues:

  • by email : elul@elul.ulaval.ca
  • by fax : 418 656-7018
  • by filling out the Withdrawal-Cancellation form available at 2301 Charles-De Koninck building.

Registration withdrawal or cancellation will take effect on the date that the École de langues receives the official request.

Withdrawals and Cancellations (during session)

Withdrawals and cancellations can be done online, on Capsule. Please consult information about deadlines on the Bureau du registraire website.

For information

Phone : 418 656-2321

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