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Admission requirements

  • students need to be 18 and over on the session start date
  • their mother language must not be French
  • take the online placement test      

Procedures to Complete at Registration1

Steps to follow in order to register for the 15-weeks FLE* programme:

All documents must be sent in a single email to fle@elul.ulaval.ca. Documents sent by regular mail or by fax are not accepted.
Some documents may require a signature. They can be signed electronically (digital PDF secured) or handwritten. If you choose the handwritten signature, you must print the document, sign it and scan it in PDF format.

Do not hesitate in contacting us to validate the fees that apply to your status and the methods of payment. You can call us at 418-656-2321 or email us at fle@elul.ulaval.ca.

For all candidates:

  • The application for admission needs to be duly completed and sent before June 1st, 2018 (fall session 2018) or November 1st, 2018 (winter session 2019).
  • $84,00 CAN to cover the cost of studying your file. This amount can be paid with a credit card online and is non-refundable2.
  • A legible copy of your birth certificate (photocopy accepted). If this birth certificate is written in a language other than French, English, Spanish or Portuguese, please include an official translation in French or in English.
  • All candidates wishing to stay in a university residence: Reservation form for a room in a university residence (On-campus Accommodation Reservation form).

For Permanent residents and Canadian citizens :

  • A proof of citizenship or permanent residency. The only documents accepted are, according to the situation:
    • a legible copy of the birth certificate (photocopy accepted)
    • a legible copy of the form 1MM-1000, IMM-5292, IMM-5688 or IMM-5617(Record of Landing)
    • a permanent residence card (photocopy of the back and front accepted) or
    • a Canadian citizenship card  (photocopy of the back and front accepted)

International students (Non-Canadian Citizens or non-permanent residents of Canada)

  • Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) and obligatory Study Permit3
  • The amount required to cover health and hospital insurance4


Notes :

* French as a Foreign Language

1 The École de langues does not allow students to audit its courses.

2 Payments can be made online with a credit card or by cheque to the order of Université Laval, in Canadian dollars and cashable in a North-American bank.

3 The CAQ (Certificat d'acceptation du Québec) and study permit are only required for students not from Canada who have made an admission request to a certificate programme or for registration in courses for more than one semester.

4 Any international  student who registers at Université Laval must subscribe to the university’s medical and hospital plan. This amount is added to the amount for tuition. Please note that students of 65 years or more are not eligible for this group plan so they must procure insurance for the period that they will be in Québec. Proof of this coverage must be provided.

Further information can be obtained at : https://www.reg.ulaval.ca/cms/site/reg/lang/fr_CA/page_accueil/assuranceMaladie.


For any other information, please contact us by telephone or by email:

Telephone :  418 656-2321