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French Course Bursaries


  WINTER  2019
  January 14 – April 26

Université Laval’s École de langues offers 29 bursaries worth 400 $ to support anglophone or allophone graduate students (admitted in a graduate program) in their study of French during 2019 Winter regular courses. These bursaries cover tuition fees and extra curricular fees.


  1. Student is considered non-francophone at UL and registered full-time in a graduate program or in a pre-graduate preparatory program.
  2. Has applied for at least one French as a Foreign Language regular course at the École de langues and taken a placement or certification test (TFI, École de langues’ online placement test, DELF / DALF, TCF, TEF).
  3. Shows interest for the bursary by e-mailing all application documents to (therese.guay@elul.ulaval.ca) before Friday, December 15, 2018.


Bursary recipients will be informed beginning of January. Bursaries will be paid after the deadline date for cancellation without reimbursement, as of January 28 2019. 

InformationMadame Thérèse Guay, DKN-2317 C; ext. 406714

L'École de langues de l'Université Laval (ÉLUL) offers several academic-merit bursaries.  These bursaries provide financial support to students who are taking a language course at ÉLUL, who are doing a certificate or diploma, or who are planning to study abroad.

Bursaries available for learning a second language

Madame Thérèse Guay