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L’ÉLUL, porte d'entrée des étudiants non francophones à l'Université Laval, qui se classe en tête des écoles d’été au Québec et au Canada.

The School

The School

Welcome to l’École de Langues de l’Université Laval!

Did you know that Université Laval is the oldest Francophone university in North America? Located in Québec, the cradle of French America in North America, city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, our campus is an inspiring and stimulating place to study. Privileged location for the expression of multiculturalism in Québec, l’École de Langues de l’Université Laval ​​(ÉLUL) finds its origins in the very first summer French courses initiated by the University in 1938.

For our students from around the world, taking a course at ÉLUL is also a contact with the history, heritage and culture of this magnificent fortified city, the only one north of Mexico.

ÉLUL provides a wide variety of courses to learn or improve in 11 languages: there's something for everyone, whatever the motivation. So what distinguishes ÉLUL from other language schools? In a word, the rigour of educational standards, and the recognized expertise of its teachers as well as their level of specialization. It is also the flagship summer school at Université Laval, which ranks at the top of summer schools in Québec and Canada.

There are a 1000 reasons to learn one of the 11 languages taught at  l’École de langues.  What is yours?